Tue, Aug 4

– Biked to work. Salad for lunch. Worked til 5.
+ Rough day at the ping pong table

– Played in my Tuesday night basketball league. It’s really more of an open gym with the same 6-10 dudes every time. Played alright.

– Biked home, showered, tidied up, did dishes, watered my plant

– Fried two eggs and a turkey sausage, put it into tortillas, added salsa, ate this
+ Eggs are the best food and I eat roughly a dozen a week, so please make peace with this so it’s not a whole thing going forward

– Finished Top of the Lake. It’s actually just seven episodes long, so I only had one left. Struggled with parts of the plot logic, but the last episode has a lot to recommend it.

– Read Buried Child, a play by Sam Shepard. Cover me in corn husks.

– Read an essay about Steinbeck’s diary. Reassuring so far as this blog is concerned, but I need to write more, even if I don’t feel like it and the work gets salvaged. Aiming for an hour a day going forward.

– Bed at 11:30


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