Sun, Aug 9

– Stirred from dreamless sleep (or sleepless dreams?) by the alarm at 11

– Barely made soccer game at 11:40. We lost 2-0 but had our chances. No subs again. Tough way to win a championship.

– Biked home. Showered. Made coffee and breakfast tacos.

– Sent an email to a bunch of friends and acquaintances about buying my furniture. Tepid response thus far, which I was expecting. Will make a Craigslist post later in the week.

– Watched the first three episodes of Treme. Such beautiful music, maddening circumstances. Might be in for four 10 episode seasons, an hour per installment.

– After watching Treme, felt inspired to make red beans and rice with Andouille sausage for dinner. Realized an hour after eating that I’d forgotten to make the red beans. Now convinced I have brain damage.

– Went on a solo quest to find frozen yogurt. It didn’t go well. My first choice was located in the heart of a crescendoing and impenetrable Market Days festival. My second choice was gelato from Whole Foods, but the machine was broken. How much creamy revenue did they miss out on this weekend, adjacent to the festival? My third choice was a pint of ice cream. Desperate times and their sickening call.

– Bemoaned my current lack of reading material, now that my books are kept in the ‘burbs. Fucked around on Twitter. Bed at 11:45.


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