Tues, Aug 11

– Got up at 7 to meet my writing partner at The Grind in Lincoln Square. We try to do this every Tuesday/Thursday but he’s been out of town and I’ve been not showing up when I’m supposed to.
+ Wrote for 90 minutes about how I haven’t been able to write lately

– Biked to work at 8:30. Purchased some dope gyros for lunch ($9 with Greek salad). Worked till 5:30.

– Read this gonzo Vice essay about seeing the farewell Grateful Dead shows in Chicago: Ready to Die: Three Days of Drugs and Disintegration with the Grateful Dead. There’s acid and romance and first-person storytelling.

– Tuesday night basketball. Next week is our last run of the season. The games have intensified.
+ Played okay. My team won three of four.
+ Must have banged knees at some point because now I have a Whopper-sized knot right on my fucking kneecap.

– Biked home. Beautiful night. What a spell we’re under.

– Cooked—you guessed it—eggs for dinner. Prayed to the great chicken in the sky.

– Sat in my good chair for a long while. Polished off a pint of ice cream, alternating bites with icing my knee with the bottom of the carton. Can’t vouch for the efficacy of such treatment but it was pleasant as hell.

– Watched an episode of Treme. Really want to go to the Green Mill before I go. Maybe this weekend.

– Bed at midnight

Poll Update: 3 Votes for Huge Mistake, 2 Votes for Not a Huge Mistake, 2 Write-In Votes. Folks wrote in “Only Time Will Tell” and “dwygtd”.  Take the poll here.

My friends are my haters are my friends.


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