Fri, Aug 14

– Biked to work

– One of the other copywriters is going out of town for a couple weeks and won’t be back before I leave, so we had a team lunch at Grange Hall Burger Bar. Drank a sarsaparilla with booze in it, ate a patty melt extraordinaire. The table shared a slice of blueberry pie.
+ I brought in some black and white cookies from Whole Foods as a “remember me as the guy who brought in cookies once” gesture

– After work beer at Motel Bar with coworkers. Just the one.

– Biked to gym, heaved things
+ Got a dating app message from a new girl right before my ride, so I ended up pulling over every five blocks or so to keep the conversation going. It was pretty dumb.

– Made eggs, got high

– Attended a birthday party at Will’s Northwoods Inn. Drank Daisy Cutters, smoked cigarettes. A storm rolled in from the north, from the northwoods themselves, driving our contingent inside from the biergarten. The bar sagged under our added weight. Social constructs came undone, reformed. A minor confrontation at the dart board. A land grab. Half-joking fisticuffs raised between friends, but you can see the look in the eye, behind the eye, saying, if only I could justify it. The weather passed after a time, but by then it was night, and we stayed inside.

– Phoned in an order for tacos. Biked to taqueria. Ate quietly in my apartment.

– Water, bed


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