Tue, Aug 18

– Wore my new joggers. Not quite the full #jogcore look. Toe in the water.

– Took train to work again due to mandatory evening team outing to Ravinia

– Met with boss to talk about how my job will change in NYC / his expectations / my expectations / the like
+ Positive conversation. He’s really into me “working remotely,” an idea which extends beyond my being in a different city. Basically said I should work wherever and whenever, so long as I stay on top of my stuff. Pretty cool dude, my boss. Asked me to read Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried, founder (I think) of Basecamp, for further insights.

– Finished off leftovers for lunch

– Shuttled to Ravinia, an outdoor festival ground in the town I grew up in
+ We had a private tent with a bunch of food and beer and wine
+ This was the lineup: EVE6. Uncle Kracker. Sugar Ray. Better than Ezra.
+ My review: EVE6 sucked hard. Uncle Kracker is a fraud and a songthief. Sugar Ray only played like five songs, but Mark McGrath is looking surprisingly good. We left before Better than Ezra’s set.

– Another toothy tempest arrived from the west, the third in as many days. It rained hard for 90 minutes. We circled the wagons under our spiderpocked canvas, which proved structurally sound.

– Coworkers played a game wherein you balance a cookie on your forehead and try to coax it down to your mouth using only your face muscles. This game was good.

– Donned ponchos, returned to the shuttle, shuttled back to the city

– Shared an Uber home

– Water, sleep at 11:30


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