Fri, Aug 21

– Biked to work
+ Someone brought in Stan’s doughnuts
+ Free tacos for lunch
+ Took a walk
+ Got an iced coffee
+ Boss told me to go home at 3

– Biked to gym, heaved

– Biked home, napped

– Toasted, buttered, ate an English muffin

– Started making a packing list. Reminder: I’m taking two suitcases and a backpack to New York.
+ Need to not fuck this up.

– Biked to The Green Lady to meet up for pre-dinner drinks
+ Drank a beer


– Dinner next door at Pho Thai, the best Thai restaurant in Chicago
+ Ordered pad makua, an eggplant dish
+ So spicy, so good
+ My asshole will hate me come morning but I don’t care
+ Drank beers

– Biked to Cody’s up the street, where I’ll be having my send off next week
+ Drank beers

drunk at cody’s

– A friend reported seeing Amy Schumer hanging out at the bar at Sheffield’s. A member of our dinner crew had recently interviewed Ms. Schumer. So we decided to see if we could get her to party with us.
+ Biked to Sheffield’s. Both Amy and our friend were gone.
+ Bummed a smoke outside

– Rerouted to Baby Atlas
+ Danced till close

turning up

– Hung around outside afterwards. A girl gave me half a pack of cigarettes someone left behind at the restaurant where she works. The kind with a pebble in the filter that you can squish like a bug  and they magically turn into menthols. The kind my sister likes. We smoked them. Her friend rambled on about her pansexuality. How she enjoys hooking up with married people, especially those with kids, to give them a break from their babies. She said new parents are the craziest in bed. Maybe not the craziest. Maybe the ones who need it most.
+ The girls were on a double date with the friend’s husband and his buddy, who hasn’t been on a date since 1997. He’s done well for himself, though, she said. His thing is: paying $5,000 to go on a treasure hunting cruise to the Caribbean. The hunts are rigged, set up as a series of clues and puzzles that require financial expertise to solve. The winner gets the treasure, which can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This guy has, she said, won multiple times.
+ The husband and treasure hunter, who had heretofore been speaking privately, joined us. I felt obliged to make my exit. The girl who gave me the smokes shook my hand, slipped me something round and smooth. It was a button with her name above the words “makeup artist,” and instead of a pin there was a little mirror. I asked if she meant to give it to me and she said yes.

– Biked home. Water, tortilla chips, sleep at 3 or 3:30.

– 10 days to go


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