Fri, Sep 4

– Rachel and I went to Budin, a Nordic coffee shop that sells $215 wool sweaters, to work for the morning
+ Drank iced coffee, ate pastries

– Rachel left in the early afternoon to make her flight to Chicago. I have the apartment to myself for the weekend.

– Came back
+ Ventured out to Cachaco to pick up lunch
+ Got a stuffed knish, because it’s the name of a character in Rounders. I happily learned a knish is a sandwich made with potato bread and corned beef or pastrami, cheese, onions, mustard.
+ Ate the whole thing, prayed for death

– Took a nap in Rachel’s room, which has an AC unit. Best sleep I’ve had since getting here.

– Went for a run to McCarren Park
+ There’s a running track at the park that encircles three soccer fields. Every once in awhile a mishit ball would find its way to me and I’d get to kick it back. This made me happy.
+ Kind of a shit run, though. Not sure if it was the knish grafting itself to my body or if I’m regressing a bit. 4.02 miles, 38:19, 9:31 pace. I had to stop and walk a few times. Buh.

– Walked back from the park. Showered.

– Ordered Chinese food from Hop Lee Kitchen, a little takeout place down the street
+ I got dumplings and beef chow mein. I got the beef chow mein because it’s referenced in the song Werewolves of London.
+ The food wasn’t anything special. I guess I’ll have to go to Chinatown or Flushing, Queens to get the good stuff.

– Tinder’ed a bit. Bumble’d a bit. Started talking to a girl named Saryn.

– Went to Pencil Factory down the street for a beer at the bar. The DJ was spinning old soul records, so I asked him about the soul scene in NYC. He recommended a couple spots: Brooklyn Bowl, which hosts a soul dance contest, Friends and Lovers for a traditional soul night, and Littlefield, which puts on an event called Dig Deeper that’s a mix of live music and soul records. Yeahhhhhh.
+ Drank a couple Bronx Pale Ales

– Had a smoke outside, chatted with the guy working the door
+ He told me he’s been checking IDs for like 20 years and that he’s ranked all the states by how hot their women are. Here’s his top five:

1) California
2) Florida
3) Hawaii
4) Texas
5) Ohio!

– Took the train out to Boerum Hill to meet my buddy Matt from back home, here for the weekend for a wedding, and some of his New York-based friends
+ Met up at Fourth Avenue Pub. His friends were great. Was introduced to a couple potential basketball buddies. One dude, Hal, took a shine to me and bought me a bunch of drinks. Good people.
+ Made tentative plans to play ball in the morning.

– Left at some point to meet up with Saryn at Union Hall, within walking distance
+ The bar has a basement dance club, sort of like Baby Atlas but not as cool. Fun, though. The DJ made intermittent forays into the crowd to lead group dances, grind on girls. It didn’t seem weird at the time but kind of was in retrospect. Saryn and I had solid dance chemistry. Made out a bunch. Went our separate ways at close, which was annoying because then I had to take the train home and it was already super late. Train took like 45 minutes.
+ This city already feels so big, and I’ve barely spent time in Manhattan.

– Water, sleep at 4:15


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