Weds, Sep 9 – Park Slope

Note: Going camping this weekend, blog updates to resume Tuesday

– Went to work
+ Ate Raisin Bran, two packs veggie chips, pretzels
+ Went to City Kitchen for lunch with a coworker named Alison who might be a new friend, got garlic ramen from Kuro-Obi
– Back to Rachel’s, picked up my stuff, dropped off her keys, gave her flowers, said goodbye

– Headed to Mark and Ali’s in Park Slope, where I’ll be staying for the next week
+ Took the G to the B to 7th Ave, which sounds easy enough on the face of it but with two fully packed suitcases and a backpack it was thoroughly a bitch. The subways here are in large part free from the shackles of elevators and escalators, and switching train lines always involves traversing multiple flights of stairs, long corridors. I don’t understand how a disabled person could get around this town.

– Arrived real sweaty, but thankfully Mark and Ali were both still at work, so I got to sit in the cool dark and drink a beer under the fan
+ Their apartment is easily one of the most thoughtfully and artfully decorated places I’ve ever been. Decorated feels like the wrong word, actually. It’s more like they’ve created this beautiful little dreamscape of bright colors and funky patterns and huge thriving plants and pop art and old maps and fun appliances and reclaimed wood and mod furniture and a stuffed mallard that soars up the wall. Such a happy place.

– Mark came home, started cooking dinner, we drank beers

– Ali came back and we ate
+ Mark made a Mexican smorgasbord; rice and beans with sautéed peppers and onions, fresh guac, avocado slices, salsa, roasted broccoli rabe, tortilla chips, hot sauce, plus more beers and freshly bubbled water from their sparkling water-maker (fun appliances!)

– I played the new Carly Rae Jepsen album for them, my contribution for the night

– Ali took a phone call, Mark and I kept drinking, talking, split a year-old pot brownie that was in their freezer, ate some normal cookies

– Made plans to go for a run through Prospect Park at 7 a.m. (ayy)
+ Bed on their fold-out sofa at 11:30


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