Fri, Sep 11

– Despite my trip getting axed, I still took today as a vacation day

– Ignored the 7 a.m. coffee bean grinding din, slept till 10, rolled over, poured some coffee

– Wrote emails, looked over finances, tried the AmericanAirlines refund page again and I think it worked

– Went for a run in Prospect Park, just a block from where I’m staying in Park Slope
+ The park is vast and beautiful; great green fields where people sun on hilltops and play catch, wood chip trails that skirt a ravine and a river where the trees are dense enough to block out the sun; there’s a giant, algae-blanketed lake banked by crumbly old buildings and no fishing signs, asphalt roads with lanes for runners and bikers that wrap around the whole complex and offer noticeable inclines and declines
+ 7.03 miles in 1:07:28, 9:35 pace. I took a couple breaks to walk, but felt much better overall than on my last couple runs. Knee is sore, though.

– Returned to Banhmigos. Got the Vietnamese grilled chicken plus shrimp spring rolls. Fantastic.

– Took a shower, drank water

– Mark and Ali are going to a wedding on Cape Cod, so once again I have an apartment to myself for the weekend
+ Started reading The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem, a novel about the founding of Boerum Hill in the 60s, a Brooklyn neighborhood not far from where I’m staying now
+ Got in touch with the girl who’s room I’m taking; going to pay her $150 for her queen-sized bed and two dressers, plus some prorated cash for the week in September I’ll be living there
+ With the notable exception of yesterday, everything has gone very smoothly for me here

– Napped for an hour

– My friend Maia came over
+ Caught up, had a drink

– Met my old college roommate Walton out at Sharlene’s on Flatbush Ave, a dive bar around the corner
+ Caught up, had several drinks, smokes
+ Walton and his buddies left for Greenpoint, Maia got in a cab, I walked home, ate leftover beans and rice
+ Sleep at 1:30


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