Weds, Sep 16 – Yorkville

– Worked from home, made one last trip to Banhmigos (you will be missed), cleaned up my shit, peaced out of Park Slope

– Hauled suitcases down to the subway, took the Q to the 4/5 to 86th Street on the Upper East Side, walked half a mile east to a mini-neighborhood called Yorkville
+ Yorkville is, as mentioned, a hike from the subway, which makes it way more affordable than the rest of the UES, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Manhattan
+ For more info, the Times recently did a feature on Yorkville
+ I’m staying with my friends Swish and Melissa on an air mattress in their dope, very roomy apartment

– We went to Gino’s (no relation to the Chicago Gino’s) for pizza
+ Best I’ve had since getting here. Just ridiculous. Top 10 all-time pie.

– Had a drink at the Irish pub across the street from their place

– Chilled out, hit the air sack


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