Mon, Sep 21

– Worked from Swish and Melissa’s. Probably annoyed Melissa all day.

– Went to Schaller & Weber for lunch. Got currywurst and a pretzel. It was good.

– The three of us went to meet Erin, whom I had previously met on Labor Day, and her roommate Jamie for happy hour at Selena Rosa. Erin and Jamie live in the neighborhood, so I wanted to set them up with Swish and Melissa as Yorkville buddies.
+ $5 margs in pint glasses and $10 fajitas
+ Got drunk, full

– Watched the Colts/Jets game at a bar with Erin, who hails from Indianapolis. She’s really cool and we get along well. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you’re just immediately on the same page about everything? It’s like that.

– Walked back, chatted with Swish, drank water, went to bed

– I’ve officially been here for three weeks


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