Fri, Sep 25

– Coffee and croissant from Upright Coffee. Rough tally puts me at ~8 croissants, ~7 bagels since getting here. Can it last?

– Work from apartment. I felt lazy today, and tired. I slept in this morning. My room, which doesn’t have a window, is a place of total blackness, which makes sleep come easy but waking up a chore. Need to find a way to make myself get up.
+ Speaking of: this coming week is my first real shot to establish a pre-work schedule of writing and running, plus maybe one day of getting to the office “early,” i.e. by 9. Need to remind myself that this is why I’m here. Get out of bed, idiot.

– Oasis, revitalized after their day of prayer, for lunch. Monster falafel plate. Easily two meals that I ate in one memorable sitting. Side dishes of baba ganoush, pickled cabbage, hummus, rice, pita, pickles, other tastes I don’t even have names for. Excellent.

– Went to DII, formerly Big D’s, on Amanda’s recommendation, a jack-of-all-trades shop, the kind that looks like their inventory was culled from the backs of poorly secured trucks, that sells everything from formalwear to pet food, all at low, low prices
+ Got a coffee maker, garbage can, laundry sack, frying pan, spatula for $33

– Put dirty clothes in new sack, dropped them off at the laundromat. Doing a load of laundry runs around $8 here and you have to sit there the whole time so nobody steals the only possessions you still have to your name in this world. Dropping your stuff off and letting them do it for you costs $12 and you can pick up it up the next day. Easy decision.

– Went grocery shopping at Key Food on McGuinness. Stocked up on ssentials.

– Came back, read, drank some Harpoon IPA

– Made an egg! Longtime readers may have been wondering: when will Jon cook and eat an egg in NYC? The answer is: Fri, Sep 25. Egg was great.

– Even though it was Friday, I stayed in and chilled. Reason: I haven’t had a night off since getting here, really. And I was tired. And I didn’t have anything to do.

–  Bed at 11ish


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