Sat, Sep 26

Note: I’ve been told that WordPress is not cool and makes me look like an old woman, so I’m going to start crossposting on an old Tumblr I made but never used. If I like Tumblr better maybe I’ll switch the blog over there full time. Thanks for understanding.

– Up at 10, made coffee, futzed around

– Haircut at Tomcat’s Barbershop

– Met Swish at the Greenpoint station, brunch at River Styx
+ Nachos, beer, shakshouka

– Showed Swish the neighborhood
+Transmitter Park, Franklin St, etc

– He helped move my bed into the corner of my room.
+ My room still sucks tho

– Beers and joking Polish men at Pit Stop Bar

– Met up with Melissa and her friends at Ace Bar in Alphabet City
+ Played pool, drank first pumpkin beer of the season

– Met up with Amanda at Broken Land
+ Drank a bourbon bramble

– Slice of pizza, popsicle

– Watched pilot for Hello, Ladies


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