Weds, Sep 30 – One Month

– I’ve been here for a month now, officially. I’ve had my lowest few days this past week. The tidal wave I rode in on has receded, and I’m sitting alone in the wet sand, homesick, unsure of myself, wondering where everybody’s gone off to. So now I have to pick myself up and make of this island what I will. And do it quickly. The allure, as I’ve been told, as I’m starting to see, fades faster than you think.

– Worked from home. Made coffee, eggs. Finished a draft of a thing I’ve been struggling with for awhile, happy with it. Sending it out soon.

– Got some groceries. Veggies burgers but forgot buns. Fuck-up.

– Went to the gym a couple blocks from my apartment. Crunch Fitness. Unbelievably only charges $10 a month. I know it’s a con, has to be, but you can pay month to month, so I might join for the winter and see what happens.

– Bought a houseplant. A snake plant. Supposed to be able to survive with almost no light and water. Perfect for my lair. The lair needs life, and air filtration systems. The plant is a start.

– Dinner at Xi’an Famous Foods. Spicy lamb cumin noodles. Delicious.

– Amanda met me there. Afterwards, we got a drink at Black Rabbit.

– Bed at 1


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