Sun, Oct 4

– Met Janie at Budin to work on our play. Aiming to have a first draft done in two weeks time.
+ Drank coffee, ate a muffin

– Lamb gyro from God Bless USA Deli for lunch
+ I probably need to chill on the meat consumption

– Started to work on this freelance blog post, balked at it, decided to take a walk
+ Scoped out some shops on Manhattan Ave. I’m on the hunt for a winter coat, hat, and boots. Maybe a scarf. Found some cool stuff at Brooklyn Industries but did not purchase.

– Took a nap

– Met Walker, an old coworker, for a drink at Broken Land. Dude is great. Caught up, talked about life, smoked a couple spliffs on the patio. First time I’ve smoked since getting here, probably the longest stretch of my adult life.

– Some combination of the gyro, the spliffs, the beers, and not eating dinner gave me a wretched stomachache.

– Came home, made a veggie burger, ate quickly, laid in bed until I passed out at midnight.


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