Tues, Oct 6

– Came to, came to work, came home from work
+ Ate Honey Nut Cheerios x2
+ My sister sent me a very sweet house warming care package. It contained, among other things, a big bag of gummy bears and a sleeve of Ritter Sport chocolates. I ate my fill of each.
+ For lunch I determined to eat a salad. I hadn’t eaten a real salad since moving to New York, so I went to this place close to the office that makes them for you. You pick out the toppings and then they chop it up for you. I got the largest size. It was humungous. I picked bad toppings. I was out of form and felt pressured to choose. Then I ate the whole thing and got so sick. My insides rejected it, or it rejected me, nobody knows who struck first. It ruined the rest of my day.
+ My air purifier tower came, so I dragged it home on the subway. I get everything shipped to the office, even stupidly big things. My roommate told me something when I first moved in that I’ve been trying to internalize, which is that nobody here cares about you. Not a one of them. So that’s how come I didn’t care that I was dragging an air purifier tower home on the subway. Not caring is a two-way street. A three-way street, maybe, if you can count not caring about yourself. They can all go to hell.

– Set up camp in my bed, as is my wont these days. Got a bit of writing done. Then the Bulls started to play their first (preseason) game of the year, and I followed along on ESPN.com and Twitter like a fucking child, not even actually watching the thing, just refreshing the screen, and got nothing else done the whole night. I went to bed at 11, resolving to do better tomorrow.


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