Weds, Oct 7

– Woke up feeling better. Attributing this to the newly installed air purifier, which hummed along all through the night.

– Went down into the subway, discovered hordes amassed waiting for a very delayed G train, thought better of it, returned home. Working remotely continues to pay dividends.
+ Coffee, eggs, a grilled cheese from the deli for lunch

– Ate Pop Tarts immediately before going for a run. Why? A flare for the self-destructive, maybe.
+ Warmed up by following along with a YouTube video on dynamic stretching presented by Dr. Kirk Iodice of Olathe, Kansas. Unclear if this helped.
+ Shit run. 4.06 miles, 38:46 minutes, 9:32 pace.

– Headed to Chelsea to see Janie’s monthly improv show, The Female Gaze, at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater. It’s a riff on daytime talk shows like The View, only with about a dozen hosts all talking over each other and hugging and Ellen-dancing and sharing. Their guest was the guy who filmed the video of the pizza rat. It was awesome and Janie was really good.
+ Afterwards we got drinks with some of the cast and friends at a bar down the street. They were all nice and, obviously, very funny. I was one of the first to leave just past 1 a.m.

– Subway home, in bed by 2, air purifier roaring


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