Fri, Oct 9

– Worked from home, like a lazybones
+ Coffee, Raisin Bran, Oasis falafel platter for lunch

– Had planned on going to the gym but then it started pouring out of nowhere and I did not do that

– Braved the rain to walk a block to Pit Stop Bar to watch the Cubs lose to the Cardinals in the first playoff game of the series. The Cubbies barely managed to get a hit and never scored a run, but it was a fun time in that strange place nonetheless. Stocky Polish dudes yelled at each other about Sheetrock and played country pop tunes on the jukebox (“I’m Getting Drunk on a Plane”), a group of middle-aged, grizzled British dudes with leather faces and no fat on them except for their paunches, who all work at a nearby auto shop or something, got drunk and loud, smoked a million cigarettes, and half-pretended to beat each other up (“You punch ‘im in the head and I’ll kick th’ shit out of ‘im”), a Chinese woman came in hawking bootleg DVDs and wouldn’t take no for an answer until she got thrown out. Lots to like on McGuinness Boulevard.

– Came back, had a smoke outside. While I was out there, a group of three kids about my age came through our gate with some bags of takeout. I asked them who they were looking for and they said “Spin.” Just as I was telling them they had the wrong address, my upstairs landlord opened the door and ushered them in. I looked up and she gave me a knowing nod or wink or eyebrow or something. No idea what that was all about.

– Was supposed to go to this 2000s dance party in Prospect Heights but my friend canceled, so I stayed in and worked on the play. Made some progress.
+ Got a slice of pizza
+ Bed around 2


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