Sat, Oct 10

– Slept in, made coffee, blogged

– Went for a run, my best in a minute. North to Newtown Creek (the border of Greenpoint and Queens), then snaked through the side streets between Franklin and Manhattan all the way down to McCarren Park. I wanted to keep going but the top of my foot was hurting, and then my ankle got sore, so I quit while I was ahead. One thing I’ve realized living here is that any leg or foot injury would be, in a word, crippling, seeing as how much walking is required of any given day. Trying to avoid that outcome.
– 6.05 miles in 53:51, 8:53 pace

– Stopped by Peter Pan on the walk home, got a bacon egg and cheese poppyseed bagel and a sour cream donut. Ate the sandwich, saved the donut for later.

– Showered, headed to Budin, spend a couple hours writing and reading on the patio

– Picked up some groceries

– Ate the donut

– Met Maia, Mark, Ali, and Ali’s friend Karen for dinner at Paulie Gee’s, a semi-famous pizza place in the hood. We got four pizzas; the best ones had spicy honey on them. It was all extremely good and I will probably take you here if you come visit me.

– After dinner drink at Broken Land, my home away from home

– Walked down to Kent Ale House to watch the U.S.A. vs. Mexico soccer game, which the U.S. lost in heartbreaking fashion
+Got drunk

– Ali and Karen took off. Mark and Maia and I stumbled around, were denied entry to Brooklyn Bowl, found ourselves at Spritzenhaus, got a shot and a beer

– Walked home, made an egg sandwich, ate chips

– Met up with Amanda


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