Thurs, Oct 15

– The never-to-be-named company I work for is sponsoring the New York City Wine & Food Festival, which runs Thursday through Sunday at Pier 92, overlooking the Hudson in Hell’s Kitchen. I wrote all the copy for our space and pushed the direction even though it got all fucked up in the end but whatever. Thursday I offered to help out as a “Brand Ambassador,” guiding the public through our upside-down photo booth “activation station”. Being a brand ambassador was pretty fun and people liked getting their picture taken.

My favorite customers of the night was this couple from, presumably, Staten Island. The guy looked like a bulldog and his girl had painted eyes. The photo booth was supposed to resemble a pizza parlor, so we had some props they could use that included this link of sausages. First the dude put the sausages in his pants, and then his girlfriend put a whole link in her mouth, which led to this exchange:

“Don’t put the fuckin’ sausages in your mouth, that’s fuckin’ disgusting. Get that mouth outta here.”

“Fuck you, fuck you!”

It was good.

The theme of the night was Italian Feast and it was hosted by Giada from the Food Network. She showed up around 9 to much fanfare; a no-nonsense security detail secreted her away to whatever roped-off VIP zone she was supposed to be hanging out in. It was weird. She has enormous hair and looked very pretty from ~50 feet away. I heard a rumor that she hooked up with Drake, so she’s cool in my book.

During my 20-minute break I ate about 10 slices of pizza, a couple arancini, a cup of gelato, and three meatballs, and drank two glasses of wine and two beers. I’m going back tomorrow as a guest with my boss for Burger Night, hosted by Rachael Ray. Stay tuned!


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