Weds, Oct 21

– Last night I went to Lit Crawl NYC: A Literary Carnival at Housing Works Bookstore in the East Village. My friend Emily invited me. I wouldn’t describe it as a carnival, per se—there were book-themed games and a tarot card reader and a lady drawing portraits—but it was pretty fun and I met some legitimate writers. And the drinks were free until 9. One dude I met is writing “Burning Man: The Musical”. Another guy hosts a bi-monthly reading series, during which writers’ stories are read on stage by real actors and all the work gets published in their magazine. Going to look into submitting.

I often feel pretty uncool here. Like, last night I didn’t know any of the answers to Literary Pictionary, because they were all National Book Award semi-finalists or something. Last week, at a bar in Williamsburg, I was the only person wearing a flannel shirt, and I felt like the flannel shirt movement is over and everybody knew it except for me. Maybe that feeling of loserness will start to disappear the longer I stay. One day I’ll wake up transformed into a black leather jacket-wearing New York literary snob. And then I’ll be happy.

I did win one of the games yesterday—Trivia Bingo—not because I knew any of the answers, but because my board had the right sequence of answers on it. I won a big bag full of books that I’ve never heard of, which is exactly what I need.


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