Fri, Oct 30

– Bought some bright green bedsheets to make my mummy costume. Went to Mark and Ali’s to make the costume, watch horror movies, drink beers, eat pizza, eat candy. We watched a double feature, original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then Scream. I’m not super into horror movies, or trying to scare myself in general. I don’t really see the point, I guess. Also, horror movies all adhere to this implicit Puritanical code of morals that holds teens should be brutally murdered for acting like teens, which I disagree with. Also, I don’t like being reminded of what humans look like inside out, or writhing on meat hooks. This probably makes me lame. Leatherface had a funny voice, though.

Ali, who works in fashion, and her friend Karen, who is an artist, helped me make my mummy. I got polyester fibers all over the place from ripping sheets into strips. I assume the fibers are carcinogenic. The girls are going as a pair of Grecian urns and worked most of the night on these beautifully drawn cutouts. I wish I’d taken a picture. Mark is either going as a column, a guy in a toga, or, my pick, an archaeologist.


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