Sat, Oct 31

– It was the spookiest day of the year. Polish kids dressed up as Minions prowled Manhattan Ave, begging candy at dollar pizza slice spots and eyelash extension salons. I did some writing and went to the gym. At night, Swish and Melissa came over to help me put on my mummy costume. It was a pretty big success, I think. Melissa was dressed as Janet Leigh from Psycho, complete with attached shower curtain backdrop. Swish went as “Psycho Abraham Lincoln.” He’s always dressing up as some Abraham Lincoln or another.

We got drinks at Black Rabbit. Mel’s sister, Allie, met us there. She wore a custom-made Scarlett O’Hara dress. Her friend Jamie matched in a Rhett Butler costume. They showed us a Gone with the Wind Dubsmash video they made. Dubsmash is very good for Halloween. Jamie left to go puke. She was sick, not drunk. We headed for Broken Land. My costume started to come undone, but it was alright, because somebody would just tie whatever strand came loose to another part of the wrapping. Walton met up with us. He didn’t have a costume. We drank frozen pina coladas under the heat lamp on the patio. Allie left to go puke. Swish got slices of pizza from next door, and we ate those. Swish and Melissa went home.

Walton and I taxied to a party in Bushwick. There was a pretty good strobe light dance scene in the basement and a backyard with a bonfire, but they were out of booze, so Walt’s friends wanted to press on. We walked to another party in a beautiful apartment that was already winding down by the time we got there. I had some conversations I don’t really remember. There was another mummy. We swapped costume tips. Eventually the place emptied out and Walt and I walked to the subway. I took it home, and in the Greenpoint Ave station at 3 a.m. I removed my mummy wrappings. The whole thing had been tied together in a way that no longer made sense and I couldn’t just slip out of it. I had to take it apart one knot at a time. An MTA worker told me I’d better throw all that shit in the garbage when I was done. That’s what I did.


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