Mon, Nov 2

– After work I wrote with Janie at B Cup Cafe in Alphabet City. She told me she’s moving to LA in May, possibly sooner if an interim stop in Amsterdam pans out. It sucks. But she’s been here for seven years and has accomplished a ton. She said New York isn’t good for her anxiety, and after enough time I too will find the population density becomes crushing. I can’t blame her, but it’s hard for me to envision that same change taking place in myself, even years down the line. I’ve never really minded crowds and I mostly only ever feel anxious about stupid shit, like getting to the airport on time or sitting in traffic. Transportation-related anxieties. It will suck to lose her.

When the cafe closed Janie took off to meet a friend before a performance and I walked over to Niagara for a nonfiction reading series put on by a friend of a friend. There were some really accomplished readers—people who have written for the New Yorker, the Times, Vulture, etc.—mixed in with some less heralded types. I really enjoyed it. When all was said and done I hung out at the bar with the friend of a friend and drank her comped drinks, then we went for a walk and made out in a park until she turned 27. It was probably a mistake.


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