Weds, Nov 4

– I got up early to write at the office before work. It went okay. There was one sales dude who was being so loud and obnoxious that it was hard to focus. I will bring some earplugs next time, or find a conference room to sit in.

I felt a shade glum all day. I’m not really sure why. When I was walking to get Chinese food for lunch, a man I guess tripped on the sidewalk and stiff-armed me in the chest pretty hard. A very solid blow. I wasn’t paying attention, which I was I assume he tripped and wasn’t just trying to harm me. He said sorry, but I turned around and instinctually yelled “What the fuck?” at him. This made me feel like a New Yorker for the first time.

After work I finally finished Fortress of Solitude, ultimately worth the read. Though it can come off as self-serving on a sentence level, and some of the narrative choices didn’t really make sense to me, there’s a lot of good stuff in there. I picked up this little novella translated from Japanese called The Hunting Gun. Just to break things up.

I wanted to keep writing, so I went to Budin, which transitions from cafe to bar in the evenings and stays open till midnight. People were being loud and annoying there, too. I managed to make some headway on my new story. Then I went home, watched Curb, and called it a day.


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