Weds, Nov 11

– This is my 100th post on Judge My Life! I still like writing it and don’t plan on stopping, but I might change the name at some point. What do you think, Judges?

– After work I met Dane for a drink. Dane and I went to college together but haven’t really stayed in touch. He’s a cool dude who looks like Jon Hamm and reads a lot. We have one of those things in common. We tried to go to this boxing-themed bar in Midtown I’d heard about called Jimmy’s Corner but it was packed to the gills, so we found an Irish pub to catch up in instead. It was great! Not the pub, but catching up. Dane and his boyfriend Tim survived a shitty apartment in Bushwick, recently found a great one-bedroom in Ridgewood, Queens.

We talked about all sorts of stuff, eventually went back to his apartment to get super high, eat gyros, and talk some more on his murphy bed. I read him the story I’ve been working on and realized it still has a long way to go. Sort of discouraging. Going to reread Bright Lights, Big City and glean some 2nd person tips. I took an Uber home pretty late at night, drove through extremely industrial parts of Queens and Brooklyn, passed out upon reentry.


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