Fri, Nov 20

– Met Brandon and his girlfriend Michelle at Sob’s in the West Village to see Too Many Zooz, a three-piece jazz band I’d heard about from a coworker back in Chicago. He’d sent me a YouTube video of them busking in the Union Square subway that made an impression on me, so I bought a ticket to their next show. New York is wild with access. They didn’t go on until well after midnight and were exceptional. Our three-piece got drunk on draft Heinekens and I was stoned. Michelle danced around Brandon. After the show, they proposed a nightcap at Blue Ribbon, a brasserie on Sullivan Street. We went there, had wine and talked politics for some reason. The wine put me over the top. I left. I took the train home from the Spring Street station next door, except the E was running on the mother fucking F track again, so I transferred to the thankfully actually running 7 train at Times Square, took it to the G, crawled into bed at a late hour.


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