Sat, Nov 28: Shoes and Shorn

– Because I’d stayed in the night before, I woke up Saturday feeling fresh as a daisy. I spent the day doing the things I enjoy most: drinking coffee, writing, going for a run, reading. I checked out The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath from the library’s shelf of “assigned” books, which presumably are there for kids in school, but whatever, I’ve never read it and I’ll be quick with it.

I finally copped a pair of Air Force 1s, the white mid-top 07s, from a goofy store on Manhattan Ave run by a Middle Eastern man and his dispassionate daughter. The man seemed surprised that I actually wanted to buy something from him. Anything for Small Business Saturday, I always say.

The sneaks look good, but it’s kind of that thing where you really want something and fixate on it until it becomes a sort of solution that extends beyond itself, then when you finally get the thing you realize that nothing much has changed. It’s just a pair of shoes. Cool shoes, though. Also, my hoodie will probably make everything better.

I came home and cut my own hair for the first time ever. It was fun! I think I did a good job. I stood on a garbage bag in the bathroom in my underpants and managed not to get hair all over the place, except on my shoulders and chest, which made me look like a caveman. I used a #1 guard on top and #.5 on the sides and back. I plan on doing this once every few weeks from here on out.

In the evening I met Amanda, recently returned from Rhode Island, at Broken Land. I discovered they have a rye Old Fashioned on the menu for $8. That’s a deal! I got two. Later, a slice of pizza from next door.


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