Weds, Dec 16: Liquored Up

– I woke up late and so found myself in the back of an Uber stuck in Lake Shore Drive gridlock at 9am, aka a world class architectural nightmare.

At 3pm our team ducked out for our holiday event, a mixology class at Liquor Labs in the West Loop. It was pretty fun. We endeavored to make four cocktails and then drank them. Afterwards we had a White Elephant gift exchange and I walked away with a 1,000 piece puzzle called “The 1980s”. It’s a collage of people like Gary Coleman’s faces as opposed to a cartoon interior of a mall, which seems like it’d better, but it’s still good. I like puzzles a lot.

After the event ended, my smaller team of writers within the bigger team of marketers went to dinner at Maude’s Liquors on Randolph. It was dope. I was already drunk, ordered two more cocktails, slurped up a third of a dozen oysters, ate crispy salmon and a portion of my coworker’s ribeye. Cognac digestif.

It was still plenty early when we finished, which is always a weird feeling. But a welcomed one, because I got back to the apartment at a reasonable hour, in time to watch TV with Hallie, pet Sauvie the greyhound, drink a glass of water and get to bed at 11.


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