Sun, Nov 6: All Blogs Must Die

– Tomorrow’s my 30th birthday. Last night I saw Jenny Slate do standup from 10 feet away and got drunk with a dozen of my closest friends. Life is weird and incomprehensible, but mine’s pretty alright most of the time. This blog was meant to help me figure out if moving to New York was a good thing to do, and a year later, I have an answer. So just as our great American experiment is set to conclude on Tuesday, so, too, is this blog. Except I’m gonna leave it up, because rereading it will be fun someday.

That said, I’m excited to announce a new writing project — YETI Magazine. It’s an idea some Chicago writer friends and I dreamt up once, a way of staying in touch as we were all drifting to new cities and jobs. It never happened, but I like the idea of publishing people I know. I’m gonna put up one new story a month and hopefully you will want to write for it, too. The first piece is called Androids in the Train Station.

Thanks to all the loyal judges out there. Case closed!!


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